Vaal Triangle Fire Services : Branch Pipes
A branch pipe is a device attached to a coupling at the end of a fire hose that directs, shapes and regulates the flow of the extinguishing fluid. Branch pipes are a great asset to fire fighters, allowing them to steer the right amount of suppressing agent to the affected area. Take a look at our two options below.

Product Name : Dividers


Dividers are used for distributing the extinguishing medium from one feed line over several hose lines, or in special cases for collecting it in the reverse direction. Each hose line can be shutoff individually by means of a stop valve. The stop valve of the dividers must be according to DIN 14365 easily operated in the usual flow direction at 16 bar and in the opposite direction at 6 bar.



Product Name : Foam making Inductors

VAAL TRIANGLE FIRE SERVICES Foam-making-Inductors Branch Pipes

The foam inductors are designed to feed foam concentrates at a set mixing rate into the hose line. Inductors are placed in the delivery line between the pump and the foam nozzle and can be used for medium- and also for heavy foam nozzles. The venture system creates a vacuum in the body of the inductor and the foam concentrate is picked up via a suction hose ND 19 with a Storz D 25 coupling. At the foam inlet Storz D 25 adapters are generally mounted.



Product Name : Foam Nozzles


This multi purpose Nozzles MZ nd the AWG automatic Nozzles are applicable with foam liquids AFFF. The listed figures at the MZ Nozzles indicate the maximum flow rate at 8 bar.

Style 5804 The self-priming foam nozzles (SW/S) have an incorporated foam inductor with regulating valve for 0% – 6% pickup rate. Foam concentrate inlet Storz 25=D, at sw 30/S Storz 52=D.




Product Name : Jet / Spray Branch Pipes

VAAL TRIANGLE FIRE SERVICES Jet-Spray-Branch-Pipes Branch Pipes


British Standard BS 336 Connection with additional water curtain. Instantaneous female adapters with British standard pipe and NH threads. (Value range)





Product Name : Turbo Nozzles


AWG-Turbo-Nozzles meet the standard DIN 14 367 for branch pipes. The flow rates can be selected by the adjusting sleeve, and opening and closing by means of the lever. A special feature is the extinguishing power, due to optimal droplet size also at the full range of the 0° to 120° adjustable water-filled spray stream. The AWG-Nozzles have two pointers, a good aid to feel the selected flow rate as well as the type of the stream. With Flash-Over position.


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