Vaal Triangle Fire Services : Miscellaneous
Vaal Triangle Fire Services range of uncategorised items associated with fire prevention and fire fighting.

Product Name : Backing Boards

VAAL TRIANGLE FIRE SERVICES Backing-Boards Miscellaneous Products


These wooden boards are used for fire extinguisher wall mounting.



Product Name : Fire Blankets

VAAL TRIANGLE FIRE SERVICES Fire-Blankets Miscellaneous Products


Fire blankets were once made from asbestos or wool, but due to their unsafe properties, fibreglass or aramid fibres are now used.


Product Name : Fire Sand Bucket

VAAL TRIANGLE FIRE SERVICES Miscellaneous Miscellaneous Products


A fire sand bucket or fire bucket is used to extinguish fires by filling it with sand, and throwing the sand over the fire. Typically, fire



Product Name : Fire Stryker

VAAL TRIANGLE FIRE SERVICES Fire-Stryker Miscellaneous Products


This ultra portable flame inhibitor is not only efficient, economical and environmentally safe, but also remarkable in its extinguishing capacity. The fire stryker is suitable for homes, cars, RVs, trucks, boats, campsites, workshops, etc.


Product Name : Home Emergency Fire Kit

VAAL TRIANGLE FIRE SERVICES Home-Emergency-Fire-Kit Miscellaneous Products


The home emergency fire kit is a compact fire protection kit for home use and includes a 0.9m x0.9m fire blanket, a photoelectric battery operated smoke detector and a 0.6kg DCP disposable fire extinguisher.


Product Name : Oetiker Clamps

VAAL TRIANGLE FIRE SERVICES Oetiker-Clamps Miscellaneous Products


Oetiker clamps are placed over the end of hoses or tube extensions. When the ear is closed, it permanently deforms, causing the band to tighten around the fire hose.



Product Name : Smoke Detectors

VAAL TRIANGLE FIRE SERVICES Fire-Detection-Small-Main-300x194 Miscellaneous Products


Photoelectric smoke alarms are designed to detect fires that smoulder for hours before bursting into flame. Sources of these fires may include cigarettes burning in couches or bedding.




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